Frequently Asked

How can I book your bus for our event?

Please kindly either fill out the email enquiry form in the Contact Us area, or feel free to call us anytime. We will be happy to discuss your event in detail and confirm the booking in a number of different ways.

How do you transport the buses to our event?

Our buses are all completely road worthy (taxed, tested and insured) and our drivers will deliver the bus(es) at an agreed time, several days before your event if needs be to get in position.

What products do your buses serve?

We serve hand pulled traditional ales, draft Carlsberg and Tetley’s, also a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products including Cider, Alco-pops, Wines, Champagne, Pimm’s and a vast range of soft drinks.

We operate a ‘no glass over the bar’ policy. This is for safety at events, therefore all bottles and glasses are plastic. We compliment our service with a range of straws, ice, lemons/limes and other top quality bar goods.

You can also specify which products you would like us to serve at your event to tie in with branding or sponsorship oppurtunities.

What is the cost of having one of your buses at our event?

Each event we attend is different. We normally work on a percentage commission or fixed fee for larger public events or we can discuss costs for smaller private events.

Do you offer a service to transport guests to an event?

Unfortunately our Routemaster buses are designed to only have guests on board once stationary.

Therefore, no, we don’t carry passengers on the road.

Do you come with your own power and lighting?

Yes, we have our own powerful silent generators with connect to the buses via 2x 32amp sockets travelling through 25m of armoured flexi-cable. The Routemaster buses house 2x 240v ring mains which have been professionally installed and signed off by a quality electrical contractor.

All lighting on the buses comes through LEDs, which give off no heat and create a fantastic atmosphere at night.

Do you have a music system aboard the buses?

Yes, both buses have indoor/outdoor music systems. We also work closely with a number of external audio companies should the music need to cater for larger audiences.

Is it possible to hire one of yourbuses and operate it ourselves at our event?

Yes, we do offer a dry hire service. Please contact us for details.

What happens if it rains with the open deck upstairs on the Routemaster buses?

We appreciate what English summers can be like, so have designed the roof to be retractable in case of bad weather providing your guests with somewhere to shelter.

Do your buses comply with health & safety standards?

Yes they do, the buses each have a fully integrated sink downstairs with hot running water enabling us to keep a clean working environment.

Are there any restrictions as to where the buses can go?

The overall dimensions of our Routemaster Buses are: 14ft 5 in (4.38m) high x (2.45m) wide x 30ft (9.14m) long with a weight of 7.5t. This obviously means if there are any low bridges, narrow gates or any low overhead cables at your venue or on the way to your venue then we would not be able to bring a Routemaster bus. We can park on any hard surface and in the event of wet weather can provide suitable boards to prevent the bus(es) from sinking should the event be on grass.